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The composition of HuaXin Street


The composition of HuaXin Street 

According to statistics released by Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior, the majority of the population in HuaXin Street is middle-aged and elderly over 50 years old. Most families belong to the middle-to-low-income bracket, but there are also a few families in the middle-to-high-income bracket. Overall, the level of education is relatively high, and the average income is around 30,000 Taiwanese dollars. The main source of employment is the service industry. 

HuaXin Street has the fifth largest population in Zhonghe District, with 48 neighborhoods, 3,302 households, and a population of approximately 8,000 people. About 1/10 of the population, or approximately 800 people, are from low-income or other vulnerable groups. To address the needs of these vulnerable populations, Yang, the village chief, has taken the following actions. 

  1. Apply for relevant subsidies from the district office to provide assistance. 

  2. Seek assistance from various charity organizations through the media. 

  3. Lead volunteer partners to deliver meals. 

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