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A-Xing Braised Pork Rice


The composition of HuaXin Street

A-Xing Braised Pork Rice

A well-known bento shop based in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, has been providing suspended meals since 2009-2010. Nowadays, they offer approximately 200-300 suspended bento boxes per day. In the beginning, the meals were named "#A meal" to maintain the dignity of those in need. The shop owner explained that when he was young, he used to be poor and had nowhere to go but sleep on park benches. When he had nothing to eat, he had to figure out a way to get leftovers. Therefore, he understands everyone's feelings and is willing to provide such services to everyone.




The cost of one bento box is about NT 50 dollars, so how can they afford such a huge expense? In addition to government subsidies, many anonymous kind-hearted people support them silently. During our interview process, a young man came and left NT 1000 dollars, claiming to donate to A meal, and then left without a trace. When the pandemic began, the number of people in need of suspended meals multiplied, but the income sharply decreased. 



There was a time when they couldn't even afford the rent. The boss was disheartened and said that he wanted to close down. Unexpectedly, a kind-hearted person came into the shop and donated an amount equal to the rent, which gave the boss a strand of hope and made him even more determined to continue providing suspended meals.

Current Situation:

Currently, many kind-hearted individuals are actively donating funds, and with the government's active promotion, A-Xing Braised Pork Rice continues to provide free meal A.

Future Plans:

The owner stated that as long as the shop is still open, free meal A (suspended meal) will continue to be provided in the future. Those in need do not have to worry about how to solve their meals.

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