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About suspended meal

Development of Suspended Meals 

Many local small shops have started Suspended Meal programs. Some shop owners may choose to absorb the cost themselves, but most provide donation boxes in their shops, using the money donated by the public as the cost of Suspended Meals, putting kindness into action. In recent years, both the central and local governments have been actively promoting the implementation of Suspended Meals, providing funding and other assistance to help integrate the concept of Suspended Meals into daily life. 

Challenges of Suspended Meals, when we visit different shops, many managers do not have much knowledge of Suspended Meals but are willing to take the time to listen to our explanations. Many shop owners are willing to provide assistance to those in need, but due to cost concerns, they hope to assist when they are financially capable. In addition to cost concerns, shop owners are also worried about the impact on the appearance of their shop, which could reduce customer traffic. Some people also believe that they cannot judge others' economic situations based on their own subjective biases, and do not want resources to be misused or misunderstood. 

Translation :

To all the elder brothers and sisters of Meal A, please be advised that as you age, your mobility may become limited. If you find yourself unable to come to us for your meals, please leave your information with us and we will have enthusiastic volunteers deliver your meals to you.

Present, Future, and Solutions for Suspended Meals 


There are dedicated websites in Taiwan that provide the public with information on the location and distribution of Suspended Meal shops in each area. We can also see the differences in the number of shops in each area from the statistics on the website. Fortunately, Suspended Meals are being actively promoted and implemented. 


We believe that Suspended Meals will become a social movement, with more people participating and helping others through diverse channels, providing corresponding assistance for different groups. 


  1. Active promotion: Cooperation between the public and the government to ensure that Suspended Meals are not just a slogan, but truly put into action. 

  2. Strengthen supervision: To prevent unscrupulous businesses from abusing the public's kindness, regular inspections are necessary to monitor the implementation of Suspended Meals. To eliminate doubts about food safety and hygiene, inspections are needed to check the shelf life and nutritional value of the food. 

  3. Volunteer services: Encourage the public to participate in providing Suspended Meals, helping distribute food, and even organizing food donation activities. 

Translation :

It's okay if you're facing difficulties. Just let us know and we will provide you with unlimited food and soup for free. We hope that one day when you have the capability, you can help others in return.

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